ZWIN7 is the new version of ZABED (text editor for PC in the DOS environment)  and it now works in Windows 7 environment in a graphics window.
It is advised to invoke using a SHORT CUT bringing up a blank session. A file can opened using the Mouse {MENU-File + Open} or the keyboard short cut (CTL-O). The standard explorer open file dialog box pops up.

NOTE:  Saved files are in the text format with CR-LF separating lines. If one wants to convert to a UNIX format, use the utility function ToText.exe

Download ZWIN7.ZIP


Add the environment variable ZED=(your default path)

Unzip this file into that default Path.

Note:  4 files, zwin7.exe (executable) and zw7.cfg (configuration file)  and zwin7.txt  and z7help.exe should be obtained

On line interactive help is available with:    Z7HELP.EXE   (or invoked directly from the Help menu in ZWIN7)
A description of the differences with the old ZABED is found in the file zwin7.txt
zw7.cfg configures the current module of zwin7.exe (the default is the zw7.cfg which resides in the current folder, if no such file is found it is the version in the path setup in the environment variable ZED=.. which is taken.

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